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Discover how we can work together

Are you ready to wake up with purpose?

In my experience, we all have times in our lives and careers when we need to review our situation, take an important decision, rebound from a job loss, manage a new job, or consider the prospect of retirement.


Working with a coach means you have a sponsor who is there to support you in getting to the outcome you desire. Having an agreed time to meet with me means you carve out time for yourself to examine what’s on your mind and enjoy a safe space to explore what’s going on.


Why does coaching work? It’s impossible to see our own blind spots. We need a mirror to help us gain the awareness necessary to unlock those deep-seated issues that prevent us from moving forward.


Here are some situations where I can help you:


You are navigating a transition

  • You have been offered an opportunity which means a huge lifestyle change


  • You have lost your job and want to plan your next career move


  • You are approaching retirement and want to plan the next phase of your life


As your coach, I would work with you to provide you with a process to ensure that you take the decision with all the necessary forethought and consideration. And that your decision sits well with your values and purpose.

You are seeking more meaning in life

  • You don’t love what you do and know you are not in your ideal job


  • You want to be find your “Why” and express it


  • You want to feel more aligned with who you really are


  • You want to have a vision for the next phase of your life


The answer is in your story. So we will delve into your unique journey through life. So few of us can name our talents, yet it is by using and developing our talents that we will enjoy excellence in our work. As Richard Leider (author of “The Power of Purpose”) asks: are you using your gifts on things you feel passionate about in an environment that fits your values? This is the road to happiness, productivity, and fulfilment.


You are a senior executive and need some support 

  • You need a sparring partner for difficult decisions


  • You want to better understand your management style


  • You want to improve your communication skills


  • You want to plan your succession


  • You want to think about your legacy


  • You have “imposter syndrome” after your recent promotion


  • You are not getting the promotion you are seeking

The further we get up the ladder in the organisation, the fewer people we can talk to openly about our concerns. I spent 30 years in the corporate world so understand many of the challenges you face. I am a certified coach in the Process Communication Model which offers a tool for understanding our own behaviour and motivations and that of our colleagues. By creating awareness, we can understand how conflicts and miscommunication arise and know how to find resolution.

You are blocked but don't know why

  • You are procrastinating about something that is important to you

  • You are unable to take an important decision

  • You find it difficult to establish boundaries and ask for what you need

I know all these frustrations and have used coaches to help me overcome fears and sabotage patterns which keep me playing small. If you know you want to shine your light and grow your influence, I can help you work through your fears and hold you accountable to taking inspired action.


How does it work?


Book a call with me to have a chat. Once we have determined that there is a mutual desire to work together, I will elaborate a program tailored to your needs.

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